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Daun Mengkudu On Friday, February 11, 2011

On the day of the afterlife, 4 men will be attracted by women together in the Fire ...na'uzubillah ... just as a reminder that the men be aware of its responsibilities

1. Father
     If the father does not care about his daughters when in world does not give religious teachings .. .. lets him ignore such religious instruction does not cover the aurat,neglecting sholat .. then she would pull together his father into the hell in the afterlife ....

2. Husband
     Do not care about his wife's actions that violate the tenets of Islam .. husband will then be pulled to hell .....

3. brother's
      If the father dies, the responsibility of maintaining the dignity of women fell to his brother .. if her brother only concerned with his family while hir younger sister is ignored, his brother will be in drag to hell as well.

4. Son
      If the child did not advise his mother regarding the conduct forbidden in Islam ... then the childwill pull all to hell ...

O man should never neglect your responsibilities ... surely you will be held accountable and the question in the afterlife ...
this article is not merely to talk down at women ..

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