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Daun Mengkudu On Sunday, February 20, 2011

Assalamua'laikum the reader a gentleman.I praise Allah for sending me you my love .. Each of us ni love there. Normal or abnormal. There must be love. DM was reminded of a poem written by another blogger friend that reads:


Love is beautiful

Expressed in bytes poetry,

Referred to in the verse novel,

Truly, love is a feeling that meaningful at hearts in love. No matter beings love each other, even love a kind. Especially the love of God. Each of us had a different view of love and also have different goals when in love. Some of us said:

"Love is blind, and it can blind the heart"

Some say:

"Love is the enthusiasm of his soul collapsed "

There is also said:

"Love is destructive ambitions"

Some also think that love just needs teens. Nevertheless, love had its own advantages and disadvantages. In DM itself, love is like a drug. It is useful when used correctly and harmful if misused. Similarly, love. When it is used properly. The result is also good to themselves and society. Otherwise. The reverse effect. Appears to the DM, all readers may know more about the pros and cons of love. DM own lack of experience love chapter. Simply by reading and stories from friends. DM  list common words DM hear from my friends and by reading below. :

1. Because I am willing to love in force.
2. People who give love often ends with tears.
3. No love is sweeter than love love love and nothing more frightening than a broken heart.
4. Unrequited love is like a kite string breaks.
5. About love is a matter of faith. It is also the question of mating. Humans only plan, but God determines our mate.
6. Comes from the heart not the law. Much less force.
7. The extent and depth of our love of any person, if it is unrequited, it is difficult to conclude a marriage.
8. You do not always co-mate, but mate is always with love.
9. Marry the love ourselves more than we love the people up. That's better than marrying the person we love but do not love us because it is easier to change our stance from the changing position of others
10. Forget about the loved one is difficult.
11. You will live together in time, when time is dead, the dead love.
12. True love is when we are still able to smile, as she prayed for happiness for him even if he has to let go.
13. If we love someone we will always mendoakannya although he was not on our side.
DM It could listkan je 13 verses of love DM hear and read. Erm .. Whatever. Let our love for God, because God and separate meeting is also due to Allah. God willing .. At the end of a romantic relationship did not feel disappointment. Thus, plenty pray that God bestows on us the best mate."I PRAISE ALLAH FOR SENDING ME YOU"

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