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Daun Mengkudu On Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today was the second event that i do for this semester. Alhamdulillah, everything went well despite having to postpone the program at 10:30. But why this post was "I'll be more happy if she comes along"? Erm... I was only able to stay silent and advicse myself. The program today is just to cover the other people program fail. As usual, they will find me when the problem occured. Disappointed!! I was only able to say that. Love? i hate to love. hahaha. why? the reason is because she will not care about me.i made this post just only for her. Not other. i hope she can understand. It come from my heart. I am really love her. But my love with Allah and prophet Muhammad is more. Sorry for this. just want to realease all my feeling. Nurul?? That is the name for my ex-girl. I fall in love again with the person with the same name with her. hahaha... i know just only Allah know what will happen. Just wait and see. Erm....

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