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Daun Mengkudu On Sunday, February 27, 2011

I will leave this cyber world for a while. I need a long enough time to recover my heart. Love love love... Huh... Make me crazy. Even they can seen me as a normal person, but inside me myself. I feel will be a crazy man.... Hah... Stupid thinking... huhuhu... never mine i wil be more strong after i come back. This is not a suitable time to express that i really love her. Love again?? hahaha... i am a ordinary human. I have feel and i also have hope. Keep hoping??? Never i do again. Just give all my way to Allah decide. For her, I don't think she will read this post. And never was. If she read this post. She need to know, when i am on line.. i will read her blog and her article. Even i was read her article for many time. When i read her article. I feel i can talk with her. But it just my feel. not reality right?? huh... hoping and keep hoping. But the result??????? Still same. She don't give me the clear answer. That why i feel uneasy all my time. I hope for this semester. I will keep my "Azam". I want to get 3.5 pointer and above. InsyaAllah. Doakan aku ya...... i will come again with my new personality.

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