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Daun Mengkudu On Monday, February 21, 2011

This love make me more strong????? erm...thanks for someone who make me more strong, and with the permission of Allah. She is the only one who can lure my heart until this level. Allah said in the Quran:

"Beautified (view) people love to any desired, namely: women, children, the wealth of gold,silver, horses, cattle and rice fields. That is the pleasure of living in the world and with God's is a fine return (Paradise). (3:14)"

Nurul!!! A girl she. Appropriate with her name. Allah wake me up from my long dream. Erm, from her Allah illuminates my life again. I love her ya Allah. With the name of you, i will let she free. May be she is not mine. I am is not better for her. Ya Allah you give us happiness. Give us the right mate in the future. Thanks Allah and thanks Nurul.

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