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Daun Mengkudu On Monday, February 14, 2011

What is "IKHLAS"? Erm .. it is a question that often expressed by many of us. It is a matter for the man himself is difficult to determineToday was the first day of the Islamic Education class for this semester. On this day, I have found the answers to these questions. Based on my own understanding, "ikhlas" is something that is made without expectation of any reward at all. Humans have no right to say they are sincere because sincerity is only known by Allah aloneProphet Muhammad have been asked "whether "Ikhlas" can be seen"? Prophet Muhammad said: "Sincerity is like an ant crawling on a black stone in a dark cave"This means that "Ikhlas" is very difficult to be detected even by the man himselfThere is a story of "Ikhlas" at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. A badwi asked the Prophet, What is "ikhlas"? the prophet said: go to Abu Bakr and telling him "you include the people who will go to the Hell. " The badwi then met with Abu Bakr who was Zikr and saying somethings, but Abu Bakr continuously Zikr. The badwi then said that the prophet had told him that Abu Bakr, including members of the hell. Abu Bakr told him that he not serve for heaven or hell, but rather because he is slave. That mean, he do all his Ibadah just only for Allah. Therefore the meaning of "Ikhlas" is  something that is made just only for Allah. 

How about ikhlas in love? Erm ... when I was studying in class "learning Arabic and the Koran"before, we tought when we love someone, do not destroy their lives. How? It so simple,ask yourself. Do I really love her? Am I capable? That question must be answered to prove that you really love her/him. The Prophet said: "The strongest among you is the one who can control their shahwat.

So, whether you can afford? Are you a strong man as a prophet telling? If you are the strong man as the prophet meant. "Do not express yourself until the right time you can marry her". So, what should you do? you should make sure their lives and safety are guaranteed. That is the first. Secondly, bring them to Allah, And most importantly, do not try to violate their honor and dignity

Actually, this entry made just for myself motivation. In addition to expecting a person who i love so much can read this entry.  All guy, thanks for reading my entry.

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